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SightSpeed is a free video and voice call softphone application that allows you to make free pc to pc voice and video calls over your broandband connection.

SightSpeed recently upgraded its software to allow you to make calls to regular landline phones and cell phones (like you can already do in Skype and Gizmo). These calls do cost money, but the costs are still lower than from a traditional home phone. You can buy “phone out” credits quickly using SightSpeed and your credit card. These credits are prepaid, so you need to purchase them in advance if you plan to use SightSpeed to make calls to regular phones.

At this time you can only make video calls to other SightSpeed users, pc to pc.

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SightSpeed Review by Nickolaus, from Santa%20Fe
Reviewed on: July 24, 2007

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I like SightSpeed, it works well for online conferencing. But, the only problem is that it isn’t practical for everyday internet phone calls for two reasons: 1) I don’t always want to make video calls. Yes, I can make voice calls, but video calls are the USP (unique selling point) for this product. 2) Critical mass. This product hasn’t currently got the userbase that Skype has, so I find myself using Skype more often. Don’t get me wrong SightSpeed is a solid offering, but for a day-to-day voip provider, I have other options.

SightSpeed Review by Chris, from Tampa
Reviewed on: December 25, 2006

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SightSpeed is an awesome tool. I use it to hold online video meetings with business colleges and ofcoarse to chat with friends when I cannot be with them in person. The video quality is OK and the sound/call quality is very good. The video does lag a bit sometimes, but that is probably just my dodgy broadband speeds. Sight Speed is free to download and easy to hook-up to your webcam. They provide video tutorials on how to do this, if you need help (you won’t, it’s easy).

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