With the ability to slash phone bills in half, it's no wonder thousands of people are signing-up with VOIP telephony services everyday. But where to begin with this new technology? Well, that's where this site can help!

On VoipMentor you can read the voip reviews from real users of some of the best residential VOIP services available. You can also add your own reviews to share your experiences with the community. Each provider is rated out of five for their service quality (incorporating both call quality/reliability and customer service), call prices/plans and an overall rating to summarize the user experience with that VOIP provider.

Google Talk Review

Google’s instant messaging and internet phone application called Google Talk (also known as GTalk) is a free softphone application for use on your pc. Recently, Google tweaked Google Talk so you can call anyone using a softphone that uses the open source Jabber/XMPP protocol. This means you can now chat to more people than those […]

2 Reviews   2 Positive reviews   0 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

Zingotel Review

Zingotel is a publicly traded company that offers VOIP services to both residential and small business customers. Zingotel offers call plans to suite everyone from the casual user looking for an cost effective alternative to getting a second phone line, to the professional high-volume business user. They offer a number of free features such as […]

17 Reviews   8 Positive reviews   9 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

Packet8 Review

Packet8 has a number of voip plan options which include voice and video call packages. You can make unlimited calls within the USA and Canada for $19.95 p/m. Packet8’s Freedom Unlimited Global plan offers the opportunity to make unlimited calls to 40 selected countries from around the world including the U.K., France, Germany and Australia […]

10 Reviews   5 Positive reviews   5 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

BroadVoice Review

BroadVoice is one of the most established and respected internet phone services in the market. They currently offer 4 destinctive service plans including unlimited, untimed calls to 35 countries including Canada, Australia, the U.K and China through their Unlimited World Plus plan. All BroadVoice’s voip plans come with a vast selection of incorporated features such […]

5 Reviews   3 Positive reviews   2 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

Joiphone Review

Focusing on the budget residential voip market and home/small business market, JoiPhone (owned by Joi Internet) is a provider of basic voice over IP services. With service plans with various prices and features to suite almost anyway. JoiPhone offers the standard voip features such as caller ID, voicemail and web/email access to voicemail. Useful additional […]

103 Reviews   32 Positive reviews   71 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

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