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Focusing on the budget residential voip market and home/small business market, JoiPhone (owned by Joi Internet) is a provider of basic voice over IP services. With service plans with various prices and features to suite almost anyway. JoiPhone offers the standard voip features such as caller ID, voicemail and web/email access to voicemail.

Useful additional features such as the ability to add a virtual phone numbers (a second phone number) and a dedicated voicemail/fax service make JoiPhone more than a budget voip provider.

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Joiphone Review by Harish, from SanJose
Reviewed on: December 7, 2014

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Service was ok in 2010-2011 but after then I’m not able to talk for more then 6 minutes. I changed isp but same result. I complaint many time but no result. So buyer beware they are scammers. so do not get their service.

Joiphone Review by Shawn, from BatonRouge,LA
Reviewed on: October 9, 2012

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Last year I purchased service from JoiPhone. I installed it and it seemed to work ok. after about a month, I started to use the phone more and noticed serious quality issues. The line was staticy and would not connect half of the time. I contacted them and they wanted to send me a replacement adapter. This took about 2 weeks to coordinate and get in. It still was crappy. I asked for a refund and they denied it saying that I was over my 30 days, which I was , only because they wanted to send a replacement that took 2 weeks to arrive. I told them to cancel the service, but even though I prepaid for a year they would not refund ANY money. Here we are a year later and I have started receiving emails that I owe them money because they cannot charge the original card I used to pay for service. Thankfully it expired. I have contacted them and finally have confirmation of cancellation, but they are threatening to turn me over to collections for another YEAR of service… STAY AWAY from this shady company! Use RingCentral instead. They had no problem making their product work at my home…

Joiphone Review by Thomas, from southcarolina
Reviewed on: March 15, 2012

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service is great for the most part, but their customer service is lousy, My mother had their service and could never get satisfaction and they kept changing her bill so she was over charged they did not keep their word and you never get to talk to the actual tech support. Never email them at their corporate email cause they will never reply. If you have a service outage they will not give you any refund

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