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Google’s instant messaging and internet phone application called Google Talk (also known as GTalk) is a free softphone application for use on your pc.

Recently, Google tweaked Google Talk so you can call anyone using a softphone that uses the open source Jabber/XMPP protocol. This means you can now chat to more people than those using Google Talk. Voicemail has also been added as a feature. Though, only between Google Talk users.

2 user submitted Google Talk reviews:

Google Talk Review by farhankhan, from jeddah
Reviewed on: March 16, 2008

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I like Google Talk, it has good voice quality, it’s easy to use and it doesn;t eat too much system resources.

Google Talk Review by Joe, from New%20Mexico
Reviewed on: January 1, 2007

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Google Talk is an easy piece of software to use and with Google’s reach there are alot of people who use it. But, I mainly use it to check my gmail email account and to send instant messages. The VOIP feature is really good and the call quality is decent, but you can only use it to contact other Google Talk users, at the moment. If/When Google allow you to call normal phones using Google Talk that will make it alot more popular.

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