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The Gizmo Project is a comptetitor to Skype in the softphone market. Gizmo allows you to make pc to pc calls to other Gizmo users as well as calls to normal telephones and cell phones at discounted call rates. You can also comminicate with people using other softphone applications that support the open source Jabber/XMPP protocol which allows different softphone applications to connect to eachother through the same VOIP protocol.

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Gizmo Review by Trent, from Boston,%20MA
Reviewed on: January 20, 2007

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I use The Gizmo Project and I like it. It is a free, good quality and easy to use soft phone program. It works with people that use Google Talk and Trillian, too! So its not just Gizmo users that I can get in contact with. I also use Gizmo to call out to normal landline phones sometimes and it is obviously a lot cheaper than a normal landline phone service.

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