With the ability to slash phone bills in half, it's no wonder thousands of people are signing-up with VOIP telephony services everyday. But where to begin with this new technology? Well, that's where this site can help!

On VoipMentor you can read the voip reviews from real users of some of the best residential VOIP services available. You can also add your own reviews to share your experiences with the community. Each provider is rated out of five for their service quality (incorporating both call quality/reliability and customer service), call prices/plans and an overall rating to summarize the user experience with that VOIP provider.

Skype Review

Skype is a free VOIP softphone application that allows you to use your PC to make free VOIP calls (PC to PC) to other Skype users anywhere in the world. They also allow you to make calls to landline phones and cell phones, as well as sending SMS’s at heavily discounted rates compared to traditional […]

9 Reviews   6 Positive reviews   3 Negative reviews   Overall rating: 3.333.333.333.333.33

Netzero Voice Review

NetZero, an established ISP (internet service provider) also offers a voip service called NetZero Voice which has a number of plan options ranging from free pc-to-pc calls, to a $14.95 p/m for unlimited calls to landline phones in the USA and Canada. Like Skype, NetZero Voice is a software phone application (dubbed a “softphone”) that […]

6 Reviews   4 Positive reviews   2 Negative reviews   Overall rating: 2.832.832.832.832.83

Lingo Review

Lingo offers voip services to residential customers and small business owners with a good variety of call plans. There is plan that will appeal to every internet telephony user. Lingo’s best plan option is the “Talk 365” plan which offers unlimited calls in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico for only $195 per year. There […]

8 Reviews   4 Positive reviews   4 Negative reviews   Overall rating: 2.752.752.752.752.75

SightSpeed Review

SightSpeed is a free video and voice call softphone application that allows you to make free pc to pc voice and video calls over your broandband connection. SightSpeed recently upgraded its software to allow you to make calls to regular landline phones and cell phones (like you can already do in Skype and Gizmo). These […]

2 Reviews   2 Positive reviews   0 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

Vonage Review

A leader in the VOIP industry, Vonage offers plans starting from $14.95 pm (which includes 500 minutes of free calls) and the ability to keep your existing phone number. You also get cheap international call rates, an advanced voicemail system, caller id (with names) and real-time account billing information to help you keep track of […]

27 Reviews   10 Positive reviews   17 Negative reviews   Overall rating:

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